From 26 October 2019, the day of the official reopening of Linate airport in Milan, Patatas Nana in partnership with Areas – My Chef opens its first corner in Italy.

In the departures area of ​​Linate it will be possible to taste loose and served hot with many different combinations Patatas Nana, the first chips in Italy made by hand and with only three ingredients.

The revolution of Patatas Nana invadesthe Linate airport in Milan in partnership with Areas – My Chef. From 26 October in the departures area of ​​the Milanese airport it will be possible to buy and taste loose Patatas Nana, the first chips that combine craftsmanship with the use of only three ingredients without preservatives and flavourings.

In the food space of Areas – My Chef, the Patatas Nana corner will offer loose chips, served hot in the iconic trays and prepared with different ingredients. An innovative way to experience the airport by tasting a product for connoisseurs, but within everyone’s reach.

Patatas Nana will be available plain or with various combinations: with spicy curry, with Maricha lime and black pepper, with smoked sweet paprika and with 3-star PGI balsamic vinegar of Modena.

The chips can be enjoyed hot, in fact they will be heated by Nana_Lampada, a special lamp patented by Patatas Nana. Thus was born a fragrant, healthy, tasty and gourmet snack for all those who are in line at check-in or have to wait for a flight.

But why are Patatas Nana so special?

Because they offer the potato chip in its essence and purity, without adding artificial flavours.

Patatas Nana are made with only Agria variety potatoes grown in Spain, harvested and stored underground in the dark to keep intact all the organoleptic properties that give them their original taste. Then they are washed, lightly peeled and cut into slices, before being fried in pure sunflower oil – the best since it is tasteless – at 155ºC. They are drained, dried, left to cool at room temperature and salted by hand with pure fine sea salt. Finally, they are bagged with latest generation machinery that guarantees the original flavor of the product without the addition of preservative gases. Precisely for this reason they have a short deadline, which cannot exceed 5 months, to taste a potato chip as if it were just fried.

From Spain to the Marches

Patatas Nana were born from an idea of ​​chef Michele Gilebbi who took over an old chip shop in Granada in the heart of the Sierra Nevada and transformed it into what is now the artisan workshop where the chips are produced.
But the story does not stop in Spain and arrives directly in the Marche region, in Senigallia, the city where the chef lives and works and where he meets Francesco Mazzaferri, a salesman in the food sector.
One day by chance Francesco tastes Patatas Nana, a real electrocution, a rediscovery of the authentic flavor of the potato chip and from there the decision, together with Michele, to bet everything on Patatas Nana and want to infect everyone with their goodness.

Not only in Linate, but throughout Italy!

Since 2016 they have been marketed in Italy in more than 1500 points of sale. product, they cannot be found on supermarket shelves, but can be purchased in bags or tasted in the best cocktail bars and clubs, in the most exclusive clubs, in the most prestigious wine bars, in ancient and modern drugstores, in bistros and in those shops and selected places that seek the taste of authenticity and tradition.

Or for those who can’t do without them even at home they can be purchased in the online shop – – from the classic envelopes, to the backpack and the bag to take the aperitif everywhere.

Stopping at the airport will never be the same again, with Patatas Nana in Linate, all travelers will be amazed and won over by the authentic flavor of the potato chip, as if it were freshly fried.


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