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Sangria Nana


Pack of 6 or 24 cans (150ml each) of Sangria Nana.



Sangria Nana:
Concept by Patatas Nana
Recipe by bartender Oscar Quagliarini
“Di Gino” Red Wine from Fattoria San Lorenzo
Packaging by Sipec

The result of a collaborative effort between four Italian entrepreneurs, Sangria Nana updates the most popular wine-based cocktail in the world. The high quality red wine “Di Gino”, enhanced by natural extracts of cedar, peach, orange, and vanilla, comes to you in a sleek eco-sustainable can. For a light, aromatic, refreshing aperitif, enjoy on the rocks or with the addition of fresh fruit. Anywhere, at any time, preferably in good company.

Aromatised wine-based drink produced in Italy.
Ingredients: wine, sugar, natural extracts (citron, peach, orange), vanilla.
Contains sulfites. 150ml. alc.12%vol

The red “Di Gino” wine of the Fattoria San Lorenzo, Montecarotto (AN) is the soul of the Sangria Nana.