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Christmas Patatas Nana


Shipments will start on November 25th

N.1 Patatas Nana 500 g
N.2 Patatas Nana 50 g
N.2 Patatas Nana Matches 70 g
N.1 Artisan Panettone 900 g
N.1 Magnum 1,5 lt “Oca Nana” Fattoria San Lorenzo

Artisan Panettone (900g)
Ingredients: 00 flour, butter, sugar, egg yolks, sultanas, candied orange and citron, mother yeast, salt, vanilla, natural flavors (orange peel and lemon). Glazing: almonds, sugar, egg white.

Oca Nana Wine (1500ml)
This wine is obtained with the typical grapes of our area and ancient techniques of tradition and respect for nature.
It ferments and ages for 1 year in cement barrels on its own fermentation yeasts and is bottled with its own yeasts.
Produced exclusively for: Nana Piccolo Bistrò.
MADE IN ITALY 13.5% by vol